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Ready or not, the Metaverse is going to change the world as we know it over the coming decade. Technology and Communications companies are quickly pivoting their businesses to help support and enable the future, a wave of new vendors are popping up to help organizations market and monetize new products across sprawling virtual worlds, and live entertainment companies and game developers are providing successful early use cases for the potential of what the metaverse could be. Amidst it all, almost every brand in the world is taking a hard look at what the metaverse will mean for their business. What new opportunities will the metaverse provide for brands? How much demand is there (and will there be) for digital goods, virtual meeting spaces, virtual storefronts, and AR/VR led learning? And how soon will this all be adapted at scale across the world? Join us this June for Metaverse Global Congress, as we dive into these issues, and help brands and enterprises build their strategies for the next evolution of the digital age.

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Metaverse Global Congress (MGC) is where innovators, marketers, and strategists can hear from and connect with the companies that are paving the way into the Metaverse Future.


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